Maria Consuelo Cardenas de Sanz de Santamaria

Facultad de Administración


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Academic Background

  • Ed.D. Mental Health Services Administration

    University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. 1978

  • Diplôme de Commerce et Diplôme Nancy de la Langue Française

        Préalpina, Lausanne, Switzerland. 1965

  • B.A. in Psychology
    Bachelor degree

    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia. 1973

  • B.A. in Philosophy

    Bachelor degree

    Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. 1968


  • Organizations

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Women’s Issues


Personal and Work- life balance RESEARCH AREAS
Gender issues in organizations RESEARCH AREAS
Executive women RESEARCH AREAS
Women Executives in Latin America: With Professor Alice Eagly (Nortwestern University): identify the specific situation of women executives in all Latin American countries with a quantitative and qualitative approach. (2008-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Feminine Consciousness and Leadership. Action – Research Project with 10 groups of women executives in Colombia. (Funded initially indirectly by Kellogg Foundation) (2004-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Executive Women Business Leaders in Latin America: Principles, Incentives, Obstacles, Dilemmas. Financed by Interamerican Dialogue, Washington and Simmons College of Boston. USA. Relaciones entre la dimensión individual personal y las dimensiones organizacionales. (2002-2003) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Innovation and Success in Management, Interman Management Innovation Program. Financed by CIDA. RESEARCH PROJECTS
The Issue of Women and the Centers of Attention in the Area of Boston Financed by the Ford Foundation. RESEARCH PROJECTS

Latin American female business executives: An interesting surprise

Cárdenas M C, Eagly A, Salgado E, Goode W, Heller L, Jáuregui K, Galarza N, Gormaz N, Bunse S, Godoy M, Rocha T, Navarro M, Sosa F, Aguilera Y, Schulmeyer M, Tanure B, Naranjo M, Soto B, Darre S, Tunqui R, Cárdenas M. (2014) Latin American female business executives: An interesting surprise. Gender in management (ISSN 1754-2413) 29 (1), pp. 2-24.


Mujeres y vida Corporativa en Latinoamérica. Retos y Dilemas

Cárdenas M. (2008) Mujeres y vida Corporativa en Latinoamérica. Retos y Dilemas. Ediciones Uniandes. (ISBN 958-695-314-9)