Academic Background

  • Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior
    Doctoral degree

    Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. 2004

  • Master in Management

    Master degree

    Tulane University, New Orleans, USA. 1999

  • Master in Development Studies

    Master degree

    Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands. Major: Economic Policy and Planning. 1980

  • Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in Regional Development Planning

    Cider- Universidad de los Andes. 1978

  • Civil Engineer

    Bachelor degree

    Universidad de los Andes. 1976


  • Sustainability


Grupo de investigación

  • Organizational Studies
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Full professor at the School of Management. He has a Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour from Tulane University and an MA in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University, Netherlands. He was director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research on Development (CIDER) at Universidad de los Andes. He was also director of the National Rehabilitation Plan, which was a major governmental effort to restore peripheral regions in Colombia from poverty and social conflict.



Research Interests

His principal line of research is related to the understanding of Subjective Well-Being as an alternate vision of sustainable development and how to manage the processes of change for sustainable development at organisation and corporation level. His secondary line of research relates to the understanding of sustainable development by different government systems from an institutional viewpoint. He is currently researching in the following areas: (i) the relationship between security associations, social capital, and subjective well-being in conflict environments in rural areas of Colombia, (ii) participating in the Transuma Network as a researcher in the study on transformations for sustainable development around the government of supply chains of agricultural products, and (iii) designing a research project on the role that values and rights have on subjective well-being.




            Course Code

Colombia y sus instit.(admon)

ADMI 2207




Sustainable Development in Organizations and Society


Subjective wellbeing and happiness in Colombia and organizations


Social networks and Knowledge generation in Management Schools


Social networks and entrepreneurship ( institutional)


Accountability and responsibility of Managers


Organizational forms under conflictive environments


Public Policies and Organizational Fields


Organizations and cultural industries


Subjective well-being in Colombia. (2006-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
How to measure the progress of societies and organizations. (2010-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Subjective well-being and security. (2010-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Social networks and subjective wellbeing. (2008-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Individual and social correlations of subjective wellbeing in Colombia. (2006-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Public Policy and Organizational Fields. (2006-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Strengthening and empowerment of communities by organization that pursue development and peace in Colombia. (2006-2008) RESEARCH PROJECTS
Organizational forms under conflict. (2005-to date) RESEARCH PROJECTS